Fly my prettys

So here we are in Germany – home for the next couple of years. The flight from Christchurch went well enough, considering the horror stories you hear when it comes to travelling with babies. We didn’t have a bassinet for the first 3 legs, so Otis had to sleep on our knees from Sydney to Bangkok (9 hour flight… he slept maybe 6 hours), and from Bangkok to Dubai (6 hour flight, barely slept at all). The last leg from Dubai to Hamburg we managed to score a bassinet, which was awesome – he slept 3 of the 6.5 hours. Despite being super tired, though, he was actually not in such a terrible mood. Lots of breastfeeding, lots of walking round the plane, and some pretty awesome stewareds kept him pretty well occupied!

The gutting news is that we left the camera on the plane, so this blog is going to be pretty boring-looking for a while until I get a new camera… I’m pitching for an iPhone, but we’ll see how that goes.

Jet lag hasn’t been too bad. I think that not having a full night’s sleep for the last 9 months has been good training for switchin time zones. Otis has coped really well too – the first night he woke heaps, second was less and last night he just woke once. The horrid thing is that now he’s got the flu – had a 39 degree temp yesterday afternoon, so we took him to the children’s hospital (there are no doctors open on the weekend). It wasn’t that we were super worried, but we it is his first fever and we didn’t really know what to do. We’d given him pamol in the morning, which he really wasn’t keen on, and tried to give more while we were at the hosp, but I think he breathed some of it in when he was screaming his head off, and promptly threw it up all over me. The nurse came in and gave us a paracetamol pill for us to give him rectally and thought we were a bit stupid when we had to get her to show us how to do it:

a) in nz we don’t generally put medicine babies’ bums, and
b) he’s never been sick before, so how should we know how to pop that particular pill, thank-you-very-much.

Anyhoo, it did the trick, he slept well and was heaps better today, although he’s had about 4 1/2 hours worth of naps, so his wee body is obviously still doing lots of work.

We’ve been for a few nice walks – today I heard a cuckoo, a woodpecker, and saw a red squirrel. It feels a bit like I’m in a fairytale. I’m realising that some of the simple differences between NZ and DE are also completely familiar, although I’m used to them in a really romantisised way. I’d anticipated feeling like this with a white Christmas, but hadn’t thought that a walk along a country road would be exciting in the same way.

I’m looking forward more revelations as the year progresses.


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