In the neighborhood

We drove into the city yesterday and I enrolled at UNS Germany in a language course. It’s going to be full-on – 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I did their competency test online and have to start right back at the beginning with A1.1. Oh well – better to be a little smug and ahead of a few people than completely over my head and wasting my time!

We also went by our new apartment to have a look through, but unfortunately our landlord’s children had unplugged her doorbell, so they didn’t hear us ring. We walked around the neighborhood though, and are really excited about moving in this weekend. There are several playgrounds, cafes, a drugstore, a fruit and vege shop, florist, hairdresser etc etc on our street which is really exciting. When I’ve thought about living in a Hamburg, this is just what I had hoped for. I love that the parts of this city I like are essentially lots and lots of small villages, overlapping each other. Emirates emailed back about our lost camera, and it sounds hopeful-ish that we might get it back, so I may be able to post pics of our new digs when we move in.

Anyway, Otis was awake from 4.30-6ish this morning so I’m going to have a wee lie-down now before he wakes from his nap. More later.


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