good good day

Today we had two goals: to get fruit and veges from the Altona market, and to go to the Good Goods exhibition; Germany’s sustainable consumer goods show.

Goal #1 was not so successful – in Wellington the market is a heaps cheaper way of getting fresh produce, but the market we went to this morning seemed a lot more expensive. We realised that was because it’s mostly an organic market… our miserly selves won out over our eco selves, and we just got a couple of bits of fruit for lunch (Otis loves pears, and can eat one whole by himself, although it can get pretty messy, so I’m helping him out in the above pic) rather than doing the whole weekly shop. Thomas did go to the supermarket this evening though, and came back buzzing – reading the whole receipt out, item by item to prove how much cheaper food is in general over here. I was fascinated. Truly.

On the way to Good Goods we ran into a protest march against nuclear energy. It’s pretty amazing what’s happening over here in response to the Fukushima disaster – eight of the seventeen operating reactors in Germany have been temporarily shut down, and there thousands of people out protesting to make Germany totally nuclear free. I’m not sure how many people were in the march today, but I think around 20,000 200,000 were out the other week. The thing that hit me most, seeing all these people on the street, was that protest is a really integral part of German culture. It’s not viewed as a weird, fringe, lefty thing as it is in NZ: there were people from all walks of life out, making their voices heard, and believing that they could change things.

The exhibition was interestingish – most of the stuff wasn’t really what I’m into – too high-end, but the things I did like all tended towards design, recycling/ repurposing, and lovely wooden stuff. I loved the clever bench seat below – simple and witty. When we’re finally back in NZ I’d be keen to make something along these lines.

The pic of me wearing the jacket isn’t very clear, but it’s made out of old army tents. I totally loved it – the designer (whose card i can’t find, dammit!) had incorporated existing details like big eyelets and rivets into the design. The hood buttoned off, and I like how it felt a bit like being in a tent when it was up. It would be a fun to wear on a rainy day. Next time I have 200 Euro lying around…


2 thoughts on “good good day

  1. hannah, l love this blog so far, it looks like you guys are having an amazing time… Otis is such a cutie and you guys all look so happy together!!! v. happy to see you off on a big adventure. lots of love f xoxo

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