Summer in the city


Yesterday it was summer. Real, proper, sitting outside with a big, cold glass of alsterwasser (sounds better than shandy eh?), summer. Otis’ new bike seat has arrived, so Thomas started working early, and we cycled to meet some friends in the afternoon, and enjoyed said shandy at a little cafe near a playground.

It was such a lovely afternoon, 5.30 came around before we knew it, and we did a serious toss-up of whether to proceed to a bier garden for chips and more beer. Otis was getting pretty grizzly by this stage though, so we decided to do the responsible parent thing and head home. It’s tricky – some children seem really capable of flexiblity when it comes to bed time, but Otis just doesn’t seem to cope well with tiredness at all, so bed time is pretty much consistently 7pm.

Anyway, heading home turned out to be a good decision, because we fried up some sausages and potatoes, and made a Greek salad, and enjoyed the beautifully still evening here in the garden. It was actually warmer outside than in, and we sat there until the light had mostly disappeared, only moving once to run across the street for ice cream.

After such a blissful evening, Otis decided to have a shocker of a night and was awake for around 2 hours from 2am. Life eh?


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