Baby Bircher Müsli

I found this baby breakfast idea in Simon and Alison Holst’s cookbook, Babyfood and Beyond. It’s a good recipe book – it does pretty heavily endorse Watties baby foods, but in general it has lots of quick, easy recipes for when you’re out of ideas.

This is just the recipe from memory – they probably state quantities. It’s really delicious, healthy, and luckily Otis loves it. This amount can last us 3 days.

A handful off rolled oats
A few sliced almonds
A few sultanas
1/2 grated apple
Natural yoghurt

Chop the almonds and sultanas together so they’re nice and fine, and add to the oats. Grate the apple and add to the müsli, and refrigerate overnight. The apple softens the oats, so you don’t have to cook them like porridge. In the morning, put one or two tablespoonfuls into a bowl, stir in enough yoghurt so that it’s the right consistency, and feed it to your desperately hungry child. I do maybe half and half yoghurt/ müsli mix at the moment, cause dairy is just so damned cheap over here! In the last couple of days I’ve used a ready-made untoasted grown-up müsli instead, chopped it up so it’s not so chunky, and added the apple and yoghurt as before. Same result – a baby who eats his healthful breakfast without too much fuss.

Works for me!


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