Pottying breakthrough! Yippee!

So, we’ve been pottying Oti since he was born. The concept goes by a few names – Natural Infant Hygiene, Diaper Free, Elimination Communication (EC), or just plain Pottying. In western countries, it’s almost unheard of, but is the norm parts of africa and asia. To have your baby eliminate into their clothing would be seen as bizarre and unhygienic (they have a point, eh?). It’s not toilet training per se, but more like helping them to retain awareness of their bodily functions, and to help them go in an appropriate place until they can do it by themselves. You get to know your baby’s timing (eg, they always pee when they wake up… ALWAYS), and, if you’re lucky, you pick up on signals and cues, and build up communication with them. We’ve had a pretty good time of it – pretty much only weesey nappies for the last year – perhaps one pooey one per couple of weeks. Otis hasn’t been a clear signaller (or at least, we didn’t notice any signals), but we’ve been signing with him whenever he’s on the potty, in the hope that he’d start using that. And guess what! At 13 months, for the last few days, he’s telling us when he needs to go! Ok, not all the time (and I’m not really trying to catch it every time), but holy crap man, this is amazing. I’m so proud of him, and feel pretty proud of us for giving it a go too.

In other news, I might have a part time job doing some sewing for Anna Golightly. Quite excited, as she does lovely stuff, and it also means that I’ll have an “in” to the handmade scene here. We’re also heading to the Hello Etsy conference in September, and are thinking a bit about business or making ideas at the moment. The idea of restarting the mag has popped up a couple of times, so we’ll see where that takes us.

Thomas’ mum kindly gave us this bit of paper with the name of another Etsy-type (online) marketplace for handmade stuff here in Germany too. Very kind and, ahem (sorry Rita), quite cute. What’s their postal address again?


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