Down on the farm

Otis and I went to Gut Wulksfelde Biohof the other day with our friends Nadine and Claus, and their daughter, Paula. It’s a vege farm, but they have a few animals for children to pat – goats, rabbits, donkeys and chooks. Otis loved it.In fact he was so inspired that he took his first three steps there. It was great – not so much to look at that it was overwhelming for the children, but enough that after lunch and a sleep (during which we went for a walk in the forest) that they could go for another round. We didn’t leave until 4.30ish – it was a full day out, but relaxing at the same time. Lovely.

In other news, I got the job sewing for Anna Golightly. Picked up my first batch of fabric today, and am looking forward to setting up a sewing space of my own. I’ve gathered up various bits and pieces of old clothing to start making stuff for Otis again too, so that should be fun.

Autumn seems to be setting in, so I’m thinking about winter clothes – I desperately need a pair of waterproof boots. Oh, speaking of the cooler weather, any recommendations for good, not too expensive children’s merino? I want to get Otis some long sleeve tops and leggings, and would love to get Nature Baby stuff, but let’s face it, it’s pretty pricey.

We’ve found our next flat – it will last for 6 months, and then we’re thinking we might go on holiday in a big van for a couple of months before getting something more long term. We don’t move in until October, but if feels good to have it sorted out already. The people we’re subletting off are heading to NZ for 6 months, which is a nice little coincidence. They also had a homebirth for their second baby, are furniture makers, and are pretty hippy in general. Nice people!


2 thoughts on “Down on the farm

  1. Leggings and tops are super duper quick to sew. Maybe you just a lovely friend or family member back in NZ to visit Levana (in Levin) for some awesome $10-$15m Merino to send your way??
    Loving the suspender, stripe, old man style pant combo, very stylish little guy!
    Hey did you also know that there was just another home/water birth in your guys place on Tasman? Esther and Morgan had their little girl Emma in an awesome home birth about 3weeks ago (they were in our birthwise class). We’re still waiting….
    Miss you guys.


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