Happy New Year

I’m going to completely ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in months, and just pick up where I (rather sporadically) let off. I’ve now finished my German language courses – reached B1 level, which means that I can do most day-to-day stuff that needs doing, and can participate and understand most of what’s going on in conversations. Pretty amazing really, to have learned a new language in half a year – it’s the first language that I’ve ever (consciously) learned, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It sometimes feels like I’m just putting on another accent, which I reckon is a pretty good sign.

Apart from a lovely Christmas and New Year period, during which we ate lots and spent time with Thomas’ family, winter so far has been pretty uneventful. It’s taking a while to get “properly cold”, which I’m told is preferable to what we have now, which is just wet, cold, and frankly, a bit draining. Combined with the fact that it’s also dark quite early, I sometimes find it a struggle to get motivated to go out and do stuff. We were stoked to have an unexpectedly sunny day on Friday, though, so made the most of it by going to Blankenese in the morning for a walk along the beach with our friend Gareth and his son Daimhin.

I also managed to get out and go to a fleamarket on Sunday, which has completely reinspired me. I bought loads of vintage embroidered linen, some buttons, a nut mill, a wee vase and a couple of other things. The light in the flat is terrible today, so I’ll try to find a way of photographing the haul tomorrow. Funny how a bit of junk-shopping can make such an impact. I feel creative again, and want to start making all sorts of things.

I started slowly today by doing a bit of baking while my two sick boys were asleep, and tested out the nut mill that I bought. I’d found a delicious-sounding nut muffin recipe a week or so ago, so will be baking those tomorrow I think!

Must go to bed, as I’m not that healthy either, but I’m looking forward to posting a bit more regularly about what I’m up to over the coming year.

Hope you’re all well – miss you all in New Zealand!

Goodnight xx


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