Flohmarkt finds

So here’s a rundown of the goodies I got in the weekend (the light was terrible when I took the photos, so let’s just pretend they’re elegant and stylish):

1 Set of dumbells
8 (apparently) handmade buttons
1 Pair Jil Sander velvet pants
1 White vintage linen shirt
1 White vintage linen curtain
2 Embroidered tablecloths
Embroidered cotton ribbon
1 Nut mill
1 Albrecht Dürer “Young Hare“postcard
1 Cross-stitched headband
1 Embroidered blouse
1 Small pottery vase
1 Sailboat brooch

I think that’s it. Written like that it doesn’t really seem like as much as it felt at the time, but it felt like a treasure haul.

I also made the nut muffins I mentioned, but the recipe was very weird – resulting in a batter the consistency of thick icing. My inclination was to add more milk, but I thought I’d try it first without alterations. Bad Idea. They’re not terrible, but not worth photographing, and definitely not worth posting the recipe, sorry! I think I’ll try playing around with the recipe a bit, and see if I can make them better, as I do like the idea of using ground nuts.

Other than that, it’s been an uneventful couple of days (oh, apart from that Otis had no wet nappies yesterday, and only one today!). I went shopping for a few craft supplies, so will hopefully post results soon.

Also, this photo of me and my dad was taken around 30 years ago.


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