Working on my portfolio

I’m working on my design portfolio at the moment, in preparation for job hunting. It feels a bit weird, trying to collate work from what seems like ages ago. Since I last worked in an agency I’ve spent two years self-employed publishing a magazine, and a year and a half employed by a child. I think both occupations have relevant transferable skills.

This is a piece of stitching I’ve just completed for the cover of the portfolio. I thought it would be nice to show who I am and what I like before showing what I’ve done for other people. It was also an excuse to do some physical making in between computer work, and it’s something I can do while Otis is awake (hoorah!). I’m planning on looking for something in publishing (or failing that, a great agency who doesn’t work for unethical clients (hah)), so if anyone knows of any great publishers who’d like a designer in Hamburg…


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