The winter grinch

Winter has been a bit nothing-ish up until now. It’s been cold (although not under zero) and rainy, and I’ve been telling people that I just don’t like winter very much in general, and that even if it was colder and there was snow, which is what everyone is really hanging out for, I wouldn’t really be too fussed. Well, it’s been in the minus for a week now, which means that the little bit of snow that fell during the week has stuck around, all in tiny, dry, powdery particles. It’s impossible to make snowballs out of (Hooray! I hate snowfights), and when you get snow on your clothes you can just dust it off again (Hooray! I hate having wet clothes).

I’m also not that keen on how long it takes to wrap myself and a small child, and it all seems a bit pointless to do, just to go to the supermarket. This weekend, however, we didn’t go to the supermarket. We went to Thomas’ sister Anja’s place for his niece Sophie’s birthday. And on Sunday morning, because it was sunny and minus 10 outside, we went iceskating on nearby frozen-over flooded fields.

The old, borrowed skates were quite tight, and made my toes numb, but I didn’t care. With a flask of cocoa for the children, and one of mulled wine for the adults, I could have happily stayed out all day. I totally get now why winter can be awesome. When we got home Thomas started looking on eBay for skates. With any luck it will stay under zero all week, and by the weekend the ice on the lake near Anja’s place will be thick enough for skating. I can’t wait.

Sophie turned 12, and has opinions about what is cool and what not, so I was a bit worried about making a birthday present for her. Thankfully the “apple” phone case I stitched at the last minute (from a secondhand woolen coat and an old pillowcase) was apparently “total geil” (a phrase which I’m not allowed to use at home, but among other things, means “really cool”), so I’m thinking it was a success. I’m planning on making Otis a coat out of the remainder of the wool, and because handstitching looks so lovely on the charcoal, I’m scheming as to what embroidered details I can add.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend, and I now have new wintery activities for inside and out.


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