Things have changed (aka skitey mother post)

Disclaimer: Don’t read if you don’t really like hearing people harping on about their wonder-children.

A week ago Otis turned into a different boy. Admittedly, he’d been growing 6 new teeth for a month which all finally popped through in the same week (4 molars and 2 canines), but MAN he’d been a grizzler for a while. I was starting to worry that the terrible twos might be starting already. I couldn’t get anything done without him collapsing in a heap at my feet in frustration that he didn’t have my full and undivided attention.

And then suddenly, after the skating weekend, something clicked in his head, and suddenly he’s Mr Independent. He stands on his favorite armchair and listens to music for an hour at a time. He plays with his trainset. He reads books by himself. He gets out the blocks. He puts his favorite things away in the bookshelf between the books (does he think we’ll nick off with them if they’re not hidden?). He’s into dressing up at the moment too – Thomas’ gloves were the hit today, although shoes are always a winner. Today he even slept for 2 hours! It’s insane, I tell you!

I bake, cook and sew, and sometimes we go to the playground or playgroup. It’s fantastic. My son is fantastic.

Oh, and he also tells us when he needs to do #2s on the potty. We haven’t had a pooey nappy for months.

I told you it was a skitey mother post.


3 thoughts on “Things have changed (aka skitey mother post)

  1. What a big grown up boy! You must be proud. I am though very jelouse about the sewing baking times! If I want to sew I do it between about 11-2am, normally interrupted by at least one little lie down boob out 10 minutes with the HUNGRY BUG! Good to know there is hope ahead though!

  2. Count yourself lucky that you’re doing any sewing, lady! I’m jealous that you’ve managed to start again so soon! I don’t think I did any making at all in the first year. By the way, you don’t happen to have any possum-skin children’s hats at the moment do you?

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