Argh. I was just…

Otis with a Bretzel. Ha, did I mention that we live in Germany?

I found this crime scene the other day. Little potty, wet wipes out of the packet, dolly lying face down on the bed. I guess Otis just decided that she needed to go, and then obviously needed her bottom wiped. Hilarious.

A skirt and bag I made out of a table cloth and a shirt for a little friend’s second birthday, and some trousers for Otis. The knees are quilted. He’s had a haircut by the way – his lovely little curls at the back are almost gone, and his fringe has been trimmed. It actually looks like a Victorian boy’s bob, which wasn’t my intention, but isn’t all bad. I’ll try to get a shot of it over the next couple of days.

Oh, and happy Easter! We spent Sunday with Thomas’ sister and her family, ate amazing food, and hunted Easter treats in the garden. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.


3 thoughts on “Argh. I was just…

  1. Otis is one cute cute boy… He looks just lovely and you do such fun things! Love your making, wish you
    You are doing amazing making! Wish you were here to inspire me, keep thinking once I can go to bed a bit later to make up for the frequent night waking I will have some time.

    1. I have to say your boys are pretty darn cute as well! Unfortunately Oti’s curls are going to disappear, unlike Seb’s! Funny how you blank out night waking when you’re past that eh? I’d forgotten how draining it can be! Hope you’re keeping well though! x

  2. oohh look at all that lovely knit wear he has – so cosy! thanks for entering our giveaway. The winner will be announced on Saturday on the blog. Sam (The Elves and the Woodbotherer)

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