Day 62: Maskmaking

Day 62_Maskmaking

I love witnessing perseverance in my boys – it’s such an important attribute. Otis generally is pretty disinterested in colouring-in, but he was given a book of masks which involve cutting out, sicking stickers and colouring. At first he was happy with white patches all over them, but upon studying the instructions he realised that this wasn’t the way they SHOULD be (I wasn’t fussed either way). We got the pens out, and he’s gone through all 100 million masks and added colour where needed. Halfway through a mask he sighed and said “I don’t want to keep going – this takes too long” and then “I find this boring but I’m going to do it anyway”. He did and he’s so chuffed with the outcome. It would have been so easy to steal that sense of achievement by finishing the job myself, but instead I got to see his confidence and fine motor skills take a forward leap.


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