Day 72: Eels


There’s a stream running through the campground here in Paekakariki, and before the crazy torrential rain of the past few days, there were a bunch of eels who would just hang out at a curve, waiting for leftovers, or a small child to come down for a chat. I wonder where they are now.


2 thoughts on “Day 72: Eels

  1. Love your work this is gorgeous touches a special spot with me I love eels! There was always one we called “filleel” where we used to go on the Aorere river in Collingwood as a child. There every year. So named as we could always feed it and it never filled up. Nowdays I know so much more about them and how long they live and where they go and their general life cycle, they blow me away!

    I am off to Auckland for 3 weeks tomorrow to have surgery on my lip for sun damage, will talk when you get back from Germany Have a wonderful trip xx >

    1. Love it! Our go-to knock knock joke at the moment is Knock Knock. Who’s there? Eel. Eel who? Eeliott! Hahahahhaaha. Yeah, talk soon – can definitely skype before Germany – that’s no prob at all. Would love to catch up xx

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