Day 88: Long haul


I’m in Hamburg, Germany at the moment, here (pretty mindblowingly) to speak at the developers conference, So Coded, about my life travelling and working in a bus. Hamburg is pretty much as far away from New Zealand as you can get, so the whole flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying process took about 30 hours all up. I’m not complaining, it’s pretty awesome to be here, but suffice to say, I’m a little jetlagged.

My talk kicked the conference off, and I received really positive feedback from loads of people. It’s the first conference I’ve ever spoken at, but I really enjoyed it, and was just stoked that nerves didn’t take over too much! The biggest disappointment was that I acted really dicky at the end of my talk, not knowing whether I was meant to leave the stage or not, haha. Oh well, worse things could have happened. Thanks heaps Ole, Thorben and Julia for having me over – it’s been a blast so far!


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