Day 89: Go ahead, make your day


Back when I used to co-produce World Sweet World Magazine with my husband, Thomas, our motto/ tagline was “Make your day”. I’ve been meaning to do a handlettered version of it for a while now, but have never gotten round to it. So here’s a first draft – there are things I’d like to change, but I really like the sentiment of it. It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking more about since living in a bus, reprioritising my life, and doing this 100 days/ 100 drawings challenge.

My sister told me once, “I know when you’re happy, because you make stuff.” After some contemplation, I realised it’s actually the other way around – when I make stuff, THEN I’m happy. It’s a chance to switch off and turns into a bit of a meditative thing.

In the run-up to So Coded, which I spoke at on Wednesday, I did a smaller talk and crafting session at the co-working space here in Hamburg, Betahaus, for mindmatters, who sponsored my flights.  It was based around these musings, and we wrapped it up by sitting and doing some colouring in of my drawings together, which we then folded into wallets (stuck together with colourful washi tape) as a wee souvenir.

Apparently adult colouring in is taking off around the world at the moment, and while it might sound a bit silly to begin with, the benefits of spending non-work time mucking around creatively is backed by some solid research. Plus, it’s all the rage in France, so, you know…

Anyway, research or no, the guys at Betahaus enjoyed it so much that they’re now instating a weekly colouring session, so I thought I’d upload the colouring sheet and instructions here in case you’d like to get lost in the world of coloured pencils for an hour or so.

Hope you enjoy – I’d love to see what you come up with!

mindmattershandout mindmattershandout2


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