So Coded

So, as I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I was in Hamburg to speak at a developers conference about life on the road, living and working from our converted school bus. It has taken more guts to post the video here than it took to give the presentation in the first place, but here it is in all it’s Umm-and-Dry-Mouth-Click glory.

It was pretty surreal to be invited, not having spoken at a conference before, but at the same time pretty exciting! After a few initial hiccups (ie I need a new computer, no software works on this beast anymore; or, I need a new passport, mine has expired and I fly in a week, etc, etc), the presentation (and the workshop for the day before) came together reasonably smoothly.

And on the day? Once I got rolling, it felt really good. I actually enjoyed myself, and would love to do it again.

My one regret is the cheap shot at Invercargill, but life is about learning, right? Sorry Invercargill.


2 thoughts on “So Coded

  1. Thanks for sharing that Hannah. The little guy and I just watched it and loved it. Great to be able to see your talk, so inspirational and reminder of looking for the possibilities. The little man said “Hi Hannah, Loved it, just watched it, your so awesome at talking, you only needed two drinks of water haha xx”

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