Day 97: Me, 10 years old


I’m doing an online class at the moment – it’s for aspiring artists and illustrators is described by teacher, Amy Ng as:

A 6-week, fully online class, available instantly anytime 24/7, anywhere to everyone around the world. We’ll teach you how to differentiate yourself from the sea of other talents out there, how to build your presence effectively, how to self-promote fearlessly and how to make money from your art.

Phew, sounds full on (in the best way), right? In the first week I was challenged to delve into my past, scrutinise and analyse myself, my work and my experiences. Although Amy’s previous emails had talked about the need to get personal, I somehow hadn’t expected it to get so deep so quickly. This picture comes out of those thoughts and reflections. It’s a portrait of who I was when I was 10, what I loved, and the games I was playing at the time. She is creative, often plays the boys in games, makes, build, dresses up. She’s freckly, a bit awkward looking, but confident in her awesome style. She’s away with the fairies, feels panic and shame at not doing things right; anxiety around incompetence. She still has a lot to learn. She also has a lot to teach.

As my 100 drawings project draws to a close, I’m thinking more about what I want to be doing in my work and on this blog from here. I imagine the course will help my with these questions and I’m looking forward to the answers.

Something Amy suggested was asking other people to feed back on my work and style. Having seen the progression of this project over the course of the year, do you have any insights for me? How would you describe my work? Any comments would be really useful! Thanks in advance!


5 thoughts on “Day 97: Me, 10 years old

  1. Hi lovely Hannah,
    I would say I’ve seen more humor come through in your work. It’s a lovely part of your personality and a delight to see it come through in your illustrations. Well done you for almost 100!

  2. Thanks Bell! That’s so interesting (and timely!). I don’t really see myself as a funny person, but I’m working on a piece to a client at the moment, and quietly sniggering to myself because I’ve included a silly pun in there. Perhaps it is a muscle I should try pumping a bit more! Thanks for your thoughts xx

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