River adventures

riverrepeat1 riverrepeat2

At the moment we are parked in a campground with just a little stream separating the bus from the beach. The boys spend their days casting buckets and unbaited hooks (we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that there are not, and will never be, fish in that meter-wide trickle of water) from the little bridge that spans the creek, and their nights dreaming of the one that got away. I wanted to capture some of their adventures in this repeat pattern. It was a good opportunity to challenge myself to add a sense of place to my drawings – something that you’ll notice has been sadly lacking from pretty much all my 100 days posts. Having finally gotten around to figuring out the repeat pattern function in illustrator, my mind is now buzzing with ideas of how to apply it to more of my work.


3 thoughts on “River adventures

  1. Darling girl, This is gorgeous – is there any way I could have it as a put on the wall poster?? Thank you for your skype this morning, sorry we had to rush away. The dress rehearsal went well, just 2 performances to do tomorrow and then it’s all downhill from then – fat chance!!! Love Ma xxxx

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