I’m moving my blog!


Hey all you wonderful people! I know I’ve not posted for a good while, but things are cranking up again here. Work has been busy, summer has been lazy, and in our spare time my husband, Thomas, and I have been working away creating a new website  – schickeda.nz where all our various web presences can be in one place. That means a brand new portfolio to showcase our commissioned design/ illustration/ web work. We’ve also combined our two blogs – Liberty the Great, the tales of our housebus adventures, and Hannah in the World, this blog, where I’ve been posting my drawings.

This means that all my future posts will be at schickeda.nz/blog, and for you not to miss them, I’d love for you to head over and subscribe there. This is the last time I’ll be posting here – but please, let’s keep in touch!

If you head over, there’s another post for you at the new blog, and below is a sneak peek of one of my favourite jobs from last year.

Thanks heaps for your support over the last year – it’s been a big one of personal and professional learnings – hopefully this year will continue the trend.


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