Illustration: Dressup boys


My children love to dress up. All power to make believe


3 thoughts on “Illustration: Dressup boys

    1. Thanks – this was one of my first drawings of my boys. Dressing up is on a bit of a wane here at the moment, but my son constantly asks me “what are you?” – his default is to pretend to be something else and can’t fathom that adults wouldn’t do the same! Your blog is lovely – thanks for giving me the chance to have a look through it!

      1. My kids like to cobble together costumes from the shop bought a costumes and other bits and bobs they’ve accumulated. It’s great fun and they have a whale of a time but it’s funny watching the reaction of other kids who come over to play and neither get what my kids are being or what they are playing at.

        That’s so sweet of you to have a visit to my blog. Thanks.

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